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AsphaltWIN®, A flexible and highly customizable, dedicated to the control and automation of the production of asphalt. Able to manage in a simple and intuitive both continuous and discontinuous systems of any complexity.

A stable process technology, supported by an optimized control system and joined to a modular and expandable platform, always updated in line with the latest information technologies. The close cooperation between specialists of the sector, our software engineers and the final system users, led to the creation of a platform that allows the user to easily control a sophisticated process technology.

Our systems are constantly developing, in order to provide modern solutions, to satisfy every new technology or legislation, to adapt to any production facility be it new or old construction.

AsphaltWIN® can manage up to four monitors, with or without manual console; it is suitable with every kind of establishment and it can be interfaced to the majority of your old instrumentation. It is strongly oriented to energy conservation management system and it can control all the establishment operations ( included the site illumination). Thresholds, delays, alarms, are all easy to manage and to be visualized through a clear and simple graphic representation. The operator has only the visual control, the process can be interrupted and restarted in every moment, while the direct engine control is always possible. The software can control storage site, included complex transport layouts.

AsphaltWIN® is reliable, intuitive and easy to update and maintain.

- Reliability is guaranteed by powerful workstations with Windows 7 operating system.
- The synoptic screen is easily customized, making it intuitive and easy to understand through the mouse or touch-screen.
- You can update the software on both PC and PLC on-line, via the Internet.
- All electronic components (PLC and controllers) are tough and standard (not custom) and based on CAN-bus technology and / or mod-bus, they are supplied worldwide and easy to find and replace.

All system resources can be shared on a network, allowing de facto control and / or the dosage from any PC connected to the corporate network, you can install remote PC (via wireless or wired network). The control is directly and natively, without the use of remote desktop-or third-party software, regardless of the software that may be running on the PC of the cabin dosage.

Our platform, as well as the technological heart of the production, can support other processes activities, as it integrates with modules such as order management, production planning , the location-based media or the quality management. The AsphaltWIN® control system is designed for fast connection (via TCP protocol) directly to your corporate network: all data - production, recipes, parameters, alarms and so on - can be queried through SQL standard and displayed or printed from computer network; just as you can view and control in real - time the synoptic system from any PC on your corporate network.

Clear application, intuitive, easy to use, the result of extensive field experience, always attentive to the specific needs of operators and technicians of quality control

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